Came across this site in hope of getting help for an issue concerning the Sound System that is installed in the New 2017 Miata RF...   With much frustration,  I have become aware that this car is not equiped with a "rear cam".  I have been told that other mazda models have the rear cam.  To install a rear cam on the LIMITED EDITION RF requires a special wire transducer ??? some type of wiring harness !! thing that connects to system to make the cam operatable.

I can not get any assistance from Mazda Customer Service even though the MFG C0. states that the system is Bose.... the Bose Company said they had nothing to do with the System other than the speakers.   I have been told that all CARS in 2018 will be required to have rear cams.  I am searching for someone to guide me to find a way to solve this problem  It is very frustrating that a new Miata does not have this feature.  It appears to be impossible to find assistance to solvre a problem that should be addressed by the SOUND SYSTEM mfg company.  HELP  HELP.... I prefer  to not buy the car until the Mazda Corp becomes interested in helping with this safty issue.  Why sould the buyer of a new RF have to go search and pay for a modification that is simply a standard to be met.  Help!