Open MZD Connect Wiki

For more information about SSH in general, visit the SSH Wikipedia article.

SSH can be used to get console access to the Linux running on the MZD Connect. The login data is root with password jci for every car, which is why it is important that you only connect your car to networks you trust (since anyone in that network could make your Infotainment System unusable). Prerequisite is having a working network connection between your ssh client (Computer, Smartphone, ...) and your car (see Getting started).

The infotainment system is running an openssh server. To connect, you will need a ssh client:

  • On MAC and Linux, you should have a ssh client already available in your terminal, to connect type ssh root@192.168.0.xx into a console (replacing 192.168.0.xx with your car's IP-Address)
  • On Windows you can use PuTTY (you only need putty.exe): In the Host Name box, enter the car's IP address and click Open. The first time you connect to the car, you may be prompted to accept its RSA fingerprint.
  • ToDo: Describe using an Android, iOS client; Screenshots, openssh version info (can be found in Infotainment thread)